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Smartwatch battle incoming

We have already seen the beautiful design of the Moto 360 - it is one of the coolest looking thing that has been recently seen in the technology scene. Specs are not very clear yet but it does seem very promising.

While Motorola is prepping for the Moto 360 launch, Apple is cooking something called an iWatch behind the closed curtains. The lack of the leaks and blurry images of the prototype suggests that it may not arrive until later this year.

It will be very exciting to watch these two very products battle each other this holiday season. 

Facebook buys WhatsApp

Saw that coming;

The Future is Integrated Pt.1

Sam wakes up at 6.32am, the device in his wrist vibrates gently. Device has analysed Sam’s sleeping pattern over the night and decided on waking him 2 minutes late because he was having a good dream. 

Sam opened his eyes. His windows curtains opened up slowly to let in some sunlight. On the wall front of his bed, the digital clock was getting smaller slowly. His digital assistant, Alfred started reciting on his sleep stats but was interrupted by Sam’s “pass” command. Alfred continued on reciting Sam’s prioritzed mails. 

While brushing his teeth Sam read gone over his to-do list for today which was reflected on his bathroom mirror. 

iPhone 5 Commercial - Every Day

It’s romantic. The moments characters experience is more on the foreground compared to the actual product. iPhone’s just there doing it’s work and fitting in nicely with the atmosphere. Apple reminds consumers that iPhone is your “moment” companion, it’s your art tool, it’s your camera, it’s like a part of you that lets you “capture” your experince and your moments. 

Also check this article.

Google Now, the technology that is willing to know you better

Google Now is introduced last summer at the Nexus 7 event. It is a highly helpful and innovative way to be more informed with some minimal data. Basically it understands what you would like to be informed about, understands where you work and where you live, gives you the traffic info before leaving for home or work. Shows public transport points and timetables, it  analyses your e-ticket that is in your inbox and gives you flight info including delays and boarding times. Gives you a translation card if you are abroad and many more things. 

The great thing about it is that you only get what is relevant to you in a very convenient way, it is just cards of info that is just useful and helpful. The interesting thing about Google Now is that it can actually do much more stuff. 

What you search on Google everyday is raw data. It is just words, words and words. But Google Now is designed to analyze this raw data to understand you better and know you better. It is designed to make you more efficient and aware, it almost fits the quote from Steve Jobs when he said “It is bicycle for the mind” about his first Apple computer. 

So what else theoratically Google Now can do? Right now it does not analyze your artistic interests. In desktop if i search “Vampire Weekend tour” it gives me a card on the right side, a bit like Google Now. Giving me a short bio, songs, member, tour dates. This can be directly implemented in to Google Now, it can understand you that you like Vampire Weekend and it already knows where you live so it can give give a notification when the band is playing in your city. Or you can adjust how much care about the band, it can update you when the band release a new album. 

Not only users but also for advertises this is a huge deal. If Google decides to somehow include ads in Google Now they are aware that it can dissolve the beaty of the Google Now as it would have a risk of giving unwanted data to users. But it can also be helpful for users if done right, say you are using Google Wallet for you transactions it can understand you like to shop in for example in “GAP”, it can give you a notification about when you are nearby a GAP store. 

By using searches, location, transaction and interest data at the same time Google Now is in a very good position to get better and most probably it will.

Check out the GAP's and the Malibu's vine. It's a great example how companies and brands can use Vine to showcast their products. A huge potential, and a good reach oppurtunity for advertisers. 

Vine - Is this the next big thing?

Vine has launched last week with a big coverage from the tech blogesphere. Vine was acquired by Twitter in October,2012. It is a very exciting idea and really fun to use. The initial impact for me was that its great UX, it follows the instagram’s simplicity regarding the interface which is great. The feeling of watching the 6 second clips is very fun when there are some really creative footages. It is also a fun way to share your status. It is a clear alternative to where and who you with statutes, and it makes the process fun. 

There have been some criticism regarding if Vine is just a fad or not. Personally i believe it may very well the next big thing after the Instagram if folks over Twitter can focus on improving it like supporting more mobile platforms.  Also it is a new medium that no other company has made a move yet. I believe the future definitely holds more video shares-statuses and Vine is the first-mover they can keep it up, there is no reason they can’t be a huge success.

The cult of web video

Most online video offerings aspire neither to art nor originality, but to likes, shares, tributes, clicks, eyeballs and interactions. It’s a way of giving the world back to itself to play with – and the most crucial story of all is not what happens onscreen, but what happens if clip meets world and world falls in love with clip.

Excellent piece from Tom Chatfield, on Gangnam and other viral videos.

Apple’s Foursquare deal rumors

It seems Apple is looking at the right companies to gain some more data for its own maps service. If the deal goes through, it would provide much more data for local veneus compared to current Google maps service. Especially for cafes-restaurants-bars foursquare has an extensive data which can be implemented into Apple’s maps service. Apple already have a deal with Yelp which performs poorly anywhere outside U.S. and limited to cafes-restaurants and bars, while foursquare can provide locations of local businesses/offices that have been pinned by users of Foursquare. The problem about Foursquare is that anyone can create a place to check-in, but Foursquare has already have good algorithm to leave the unnecessary places out. Just look at the explore tab and how it shows only the places that are genuine and at the same time popular. If Apple manages to get the foursquare data it would both benefit Apple and Foursquare, it is a certainly win-win situation.

Facebook and WhatsApp Acquisition Rumors

Last summer i tweeted the above idea and last week Techcrunch reported that Facebook has set their sights on WhatsApp. One of the most popular sms-alternative supporting cross platform messaging platform. There are a lot of reasons why Facebook would want to buy the platform. First of all, Facebook Messenger flopped. Whatsapp offers easier friend finder by utilising phone numbers when registering. It would be madness not to consider aquiring WhatsApp to beef up its Messenger platform, and have the users spending more time in Facebook.